Planning to hit the waves in Tea Tree Bay? Leave the hassle of carrying your own board behind and dive into the world-class surf breaks with Bernie’s Surf Hire. We’re just a hop, skip and jump away from the breathtaking Sunrise Beach and we have the longboards you need for a thrilling aquatic adventure!

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Experience Tea Tree Bay Waves With Quality Rental Longboards

Our carefully curated selection of premium longboards and surfboards, all locally crafted, are tailored to suit Tea Tree Bay’s unique wave conditions. Our loyal surfers never stop raving about the unmatched quality of our boards for hire. Give us a ring, secure your longboard, and we’ll deliver it to your accommodation anywhere from Noosa to Coolum within a swift 30-minute timeframe, free of charge!

Find Your Perfect Surf Match with Our Versatile Longboards

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of surfing or a seasoned wave rider seeking an adrenaline rush, we’ve got your back! Our array of longboard surfboards ranges from a versatile 8 feet to an impressive 10 feet, complete with single or tri-fin setup, designed to offer a thrilling ride from tail to nose.

Our boards are prized for their versatility, ensuring there’s a model for every surfer’s style. Whether you lean towards fast, sharp turns for a progressive surfing experience, or you prefer the traditional longboarding style of gliding along the wave, we’ve got the board for you. Experience the unique joy of a relaxed ride and attempt the exciting challenge of walking to the nose of your board. It’s a ten-toe ride that feels like walking on water!

Why Choose a Bernie’s Surf Hire Longboard?

Bernie’s Surf Hire has earned a reputation as the go-to place for top-quality, handmade longboard rental services in Tea Tree Bay. Each board in our expansive collection has been shaped by local surfers with a deep understanding of crafting the perfect board. Here’s why our longboards shine amongst the rest:

Manoeuvrability – Navigate the waves with ease with our precision-designed longboards, offering superior control.

Stability – Our longer, wider boards provide a balanced platform, perfect for both beginners and wave conquerors.

Durability – Built from resilient, lightweight materials, our longboards withstand the test of time.

Size and Design – Expertly engineered for peak performance, our longboards offer the perfect balance of control and buoyancy.

Style – Not only are our longboards top performers, but they also turn heads with their striking aesthetic.

Brand Reputation – We only stock longboard surfboards from reputable local brands known for their exceptional quality and performance.

Your Dream Board Awaits in Tea Tree Bay

Our surf shop is located at 40 Newfield St., just 400m from Sunrise Beach and steps from world-class surf and golden sunsets, Bernie’s Surf Hire is your go-to spot for longboard hire in Tea Tree Bay and nearby beaches. Give us a call, and we’ll have your board ready for your seaside adventure in no time.

Our diverse selection caters to everyone, from beginners seeking a longboard rental to seasoned surfers looking for a new thrill in Tea Tree Bay.

The Longboard Legacy

Longboards, considered as the original surfboards since the 1950s, continue to be a favourite amongst surfers worldwide. With their superior buoyancy and capability to ride smaller waves, they’re a top pick for beginners or surfers who frequent beaches with smaller waves. For the veterans, longboards offer the unique challenge of nose riding, controlling the board while standing on the nose.

Why Ride the Wave with Bernie’s Surf Hire?

At Bernie’s Surf Hire, we’re not just a surfboard rental service, but a community that thrives on the surfing culture. We deliver surfboards to accommodations anywhere from Noosa to Coolum, complete with a surf map, accurate surf forecast, and valuable advice on the best spots based on experience and conditions. We also throw in wetsuits, wax, and tie-down straps on loan for free with any surf hire. It’s our way of showing our commitment to excellent service.

By teaming up with Noosa’s local shaping community, we ensure that our surfboards are locally made and perfectly suited to Tea Tree Bay’s conditions. Our range includes top-quality longboards, midlengths, fishes, funboards, performance shortboards, and SUPs.

Call Us Today!

Why wait? Dive right into the world of surfing with Bernie’s Surf Hire – your first stop for an unforgettable surfing adventure in Tea Tree Bay! Contact us today or drop by the shop to arrange your longboard hire today.

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